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Not my usual type of post… but I thought I would use this platform to advertise Alessandra’s art! She’s working on a number of commissions for Christmas now and is available to do others if people want. 

They’re pretty great : ) buy them…. 

This is from her Facebook post


Hey everyone!! Just putting this out incase anyone’s looking for a quality Christmas gift for someone they cherish (or hate, no judgment). 


I’m making custom bird art! I can bring any bird species to life, with some added creative flare! 

I have two main mediums I work with, Watercolour and Acrylic, and the subject will be a full bird with your choice of background, or a bird portrait. 

Watercolour is my favourite medium and I'm selling custom originals on your choice of paper (8.5"x6") or board (10"x8") for $80 and $95 respectively.

I can also do Acrylic paintings on canvas (10''x12''), these are more detailed and can include multiple birds, multiple species, + plants, background etc. These are more time consuming and use more expensive materials so I charge $230-300 depending on the details. 

Shipping is extra but I will be more than happy to deliver right to your door if you will be around Wellington or Bruce County! 

Some recent examples 

You can message her on Facebook (Alessandra Kite), or email

Big year related post with an insane chase coming in a few days 


  1. Wow! Alessandra is so talented!

  2. What a good artist you are Alessandra ..............
    that comment from Ely, my neice, has an art history degree- so if she says it's good -- it really is! grandma b


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